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The Career Accelerator provides career development skills and experience to help you succeed in the global job market. Career Accelerators are great for international students in Asia as they prepare you for your future career. Career Accelerators combine the best in academic learning and industry knowledge. and include career development workshops, exclusive internship opportunities, resume and interview help, as well as academic qualification that from the top universities in the world. Career Accelerators are great for people in Asia who want to advance their career quickly or those wanting to change into a digital career.

In this day and age, most people are interested in more than just climbing the career ladder and increasing their paychecks and responsibilities over the years. Career trajectories are becoming more and more unpredictable. They often involve detours and frequently require individuals to navigate unknown territory. It is against this backdrop that finding a sense of purpose and meaning in what one does for a living is becoming ever more important.

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The 3 pillars: know why, know how and know who


Having a sense of purpose is crucially important in terms of the drive, commitment and joy with which individuals develop their careers. It is only when one's values and strengths are perfectly in tune with one's responsibilities and the environment one works in that one will become more satisfied and productive.

“A self-assessment not only helps students gain a better understanding of their strengths, their goals and their needs and requirements but also provides invaluable insight into their leadership behaviors, their social skills and their conflict management skills. Additionally, there are peer feedback sessions, during which our students get constructive and honest feedback from equals in a non-hierarchical environment,” continues Dr. Kleinhanns-Rollé.

When it comes to organizing program participants into groups for collaborative learning, special emphasis is put on maximizing diversity so that everyone benefits as much as possible from everyone else's experience. Together, students work on gaining a clear understanding of their personal “Big Five” that give them motivation and enthusiasm. Development plans and regular progress checks support them in identifying their potentials for development, setting themselves specific goals and mapping out strategies for achieving them.


Knowing what one is capable of doing and how one works best is the key to being successful. Therefore, students not only acquire comprehensive business knowledge and the latest leadership know-how during program modules but also train their career skills. Special Workshops, such as the Leadership Orchestra, and a job hunting webinar give them completely new perspectives on leadership and help them become pay negotiation and job hunting experts. Moreover, Career Accelerators offers them personalized checks of their online profiles and their CVs to ensure that they show themselves at their best on the most important social media networks.


Nobody can be successful alone, nor can anybody succeed without a network of contacts.

This is why Career Accelerator programs feature international residencies, during which students can make contacts across the globe, as well as a wealth of networking events providing them with opportunities to get in touch with potential employers: In the course of Career Speed Dating sessions, which are part of Career Cafés, the Career Accelerator international executive search partners give participants expert advice for their job applications. The Entrepreneurship Café brings together aspiring entrepreneurs. And the recently developed Company Info Lunches make it possible for students to get to know even more internationally active businesses. The Career Accelerator international network of MBA and alumni currently connects some 350,000+ experienced managers and executives from more than 85 countries. The club organizes exciting events that can be attended by students and alumni alike, including the Career Accelerator Insights series, which lets participants interact with distinguished speakers.

It goes without saying that the Career Accelerator also helps its members when it comes to networking in the virtual world: Thanks to our partnerships with alumni platforms such as International Alumni Job Network and the UK Alumni Job Network, which has been built around the specific needs and requirements of alumni, a few clicks of the mouse is all it takes for them to network with one another and filter contacts by subject matter, function and industry. Moreover, the new platform is a powerful career development tool: Not only can alumni find senior positions and post executive vacancies that have arisen in their organizations, but they can also be found by international HR experts looking for executive hires.